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"Who where they? she asked.

Lizzie fought to get her crying under control, but found she couldn't. She couldn't even take deep breaths: every time she did, she cut herself off in a short gasp as a new, fresh pain tore its way out from her guts.

"Lily," she grunted. "And...Isabel, but...but...!"

Crying again, harder, and trying to fight it because it just hurt worse and Reagan's hand was clasping hers and she squeezed as tight as she could and that didn't feel very tight at all.

"How could she," she mumbled.

And Reagan was whispering soothing nothings Lizzie almost didn't understand, and she hurt so much and she felt so weak and the world was fading into the dark

after you wake up

That sounded nice. Sleep sounded nice.

after you wake up

but there's not...gonna be an...af...ter...

She shook her head. "N..." she started, a low, climbing wheeze. "N...not..."

Not like this. She didn't want to die like this, falling asleep besides the beach. And why not, Lizzie? What's it matter now?

She could hear the ocean, the surf sweeping back and forth. Somewhere out there was the world she'd never get to see.

Her grip tigthtened still harder on Reagan's hand. Her eyes fluttered open, and she found to her horror that she could barely see Reagan's face. Everything was dark.

"Help..." She said. "Help me...up. I wanna..." Trailed off, fought for breath, fought against pain and weakness. "If I'm gonna...I wanna...out there." She jerked her head towards the sound of the sea, wincing at the echoes of dim and distant pain it stirred across her stomach and shoulder.
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