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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Jerry Fury continued from Wombo Combo))

Maybe it was the crowded atmosphere of the rinky-dink warehouse compared to most of the wide-open spaces that Jerry had grown accustomed to by this point, but even with just a single body stinking up the joint the place was just a little too corpse-y for his tastes. Not very fond of the potential roommate (who was honestly just a little bit smelly), Jerry took to exploring the recesses of the warehouse looking for anything of use.

Or, he would be, except night had taken them long ago and he couldn't see shit, captain. After a panicky, shout-filled search for his flashlight, he pulled the invaluable tool out and clicked the button, immediately setting about towards the back rooms. "Fat chance of there being a bed in here but like, that's why nobody's gonna come lookin' here this time of night," Jerry asserted to Matt. Totally infallible logic. Nobody comes to a warehouse at night.

Except them, but... like... that's different, you know?

"My legs hurt. My nose hurts. My ass hurts. My everything still fucking hurts," Jerry griped. "You'd think there was some IcyHot in this place but noooo, it's gotta be all old-fashioned!" He continued to grumble, spelunking deeper into the warehouse. "But hey, they got soap, soap and more soap! Look out, classmates! I'm gonna kill you with a bar of Ivory!"
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