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Footsteps in the sand. Someone coming closer. Wrong way for Isabel. Who? Tyler and Keith? God I hope it's Tyler and Keith.

It wasn't. It was...uh...Reagan? That couldn't be right, Reagan was a president. But there were Washingtons and Harrisons and...it could be Reagan, right? But what was the first name? What was...

She was still sobbing as the thoughts battered back and forth across her weary skull. God, it shouldn't have ended this fast. One swift fall. One swift blow. And Lily...

Oh, God, but it hurt to be alive.

Reagan dropped to her knees and began to treat her wound. She asked if Lizzie was okay.

And Lizzie laughed, and immediately sobbed, because laughing made her abs move and moving her abs she felt in her belly wound and another wave of hot exhaustion swept over her, and Reagan pressed her hands against the wound and offered her a bloody ibuprofen model and Lizzie took it gratefully, swallowing down a handful of the pills and sinking back against the sand.

"Okay," she repeated, after she'd quieted and Reagan had started some attempt at a dressing, as though it mattered. Lizzie suddenly understood why animals crawled off to die by themselves: because they knew it was coming. They could feel it, just like she could feel it.

Dying. After all of this, dying.

"Not..." she said. "So...I was so..." Tears in her eyes again, shame rather than pain. So fucking stupid.

"How can people like her..." Lizzie closed her eyes. "How can they be...real."

Isabel. Nancy. Alex. And Lily, too.

It was an effort to raise her hand, but she did it. She grasped at Reagan. "Thank you," she mumbled. "Thank you so..." Tears in her eyes again. She'd been so in pain and so afraid, dying alone and in agony while a merciless killer and her cowardly cousin looked on and carved her up. But now...now there was someone else here. Someone helping her.

There was so much more pain in the world than she'd known. So much more kindness, too. And so much more love, if Tyler Yazzie was any indication. So much...

So much she'd never get to see.

She started crying again, a little softer this time. She didn't want to die.
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