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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Drawing closer only painted the picture of the scene in further detail. The painting was a gory one; the girl on the ground was a mess, with blood seeping from around her chest or her shoulder and around her abdomen. Her hair, thrown about in a mess and soiled with sand and sweat and maybe a little blood, was something of a battle scar and proof of the violent struggle that had been going on for who knows how long before she got there. Probably not long. It never really took anybody too long to kill anybody else in this place, not when nobody was really adequately prepared to defend themselves.

Weak sobs competed against the sound of crashing waves and though they only barely struck Coleen's ears, a knot instantly tied itself around her chest and she felt like crying along with the girl. It would have been no different if it were one of her brothers she was hearing. The time Ronnie skinned up his knees and nearly busted his wrist riding his bicycle straight into a tree came to mind. Maybe it wasn't the same exact situation but she treated it similarly, squeezing her left thumb in her fist to distract her from the tightness in the chest. She'd be the big sister here, if just for a little bit.

By the time Coleen came around to the girl's side, she was able to ascertain two things. First, the sobbing wreck on the shore was none other than Lizzie Luz; she was only passingly familiar with the girl and they shared few if any common interests, but often gave that messy, short hair of hers a sideways glance and envied how easy it must have been to take care of. The second thing she realized almost straight away was that the wounds over the girl's body were severe. So severe, in fact, that dread of the worst scenario was already hanging overhead. Pushing the cloth of her dress firmly over her knees to take some of the sting away from the sand, Coleen lowered herself closer to Lizzie's side.

"Hey..." she spoke, the AK tucked high up across her thighs close to her belly. Hands hovered over Lizzie, deciding what to do and if it was worth placing any sort of compress on the girl who, sadly, was probably not going to live much longer. "It-ah, It's over now... they're gone, they ran off," Coleen said, searching for the right words. "Are you okay?"

She wanted to slap herself so hard at the question. The only way Lizzie could be less okay than she was right now was if her throat was slit and the light had left her eyes. Coleen fought the urge to wince, sizing up the wounds. With Arthur's death still fresh in her mind, she figured it was half pessimism and half realism that there was nothing she could do to save her, but maybe it was possible to dull the pain in the slightest. A quick rummage through the daypack retrieved the first aid kit, but she couldn't remember for the life of her whether these things had pain pills or not until her trembling hand pulled out the treasure to her search: a bottle of ibuprofen.

It'd do jack diddly, but maybe it'd at least take the edge off.

"Just hold on, I got something for you..." Coleen tried to assure Lizzie, managing her strongest smile.
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