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She wasn't sure. She hated being in the room. It had started to feel like a prison. Maybe it had felt that way to some other people a long time ago, but she wasn't entirely sure on the exact nature of how asylums worked in the past. Although old movies had always made them look horrible, it also made everyone in them look pretty awful too. And sure some mentally ill people had problems, a lot of it was people just not understanding. Her ADHD didn't make her a monster and it was hard for her to consider judging people with more severe disorders too harshly. Even if she couldn't really understand.

The problem was that she wasn't sure if being anywhere on the island would be better. It was filled with dead friends and classmates and fuck, she was probably going to die on it. She probably should find Livvie though. That could maybe maybe maybe make up for Irene.

"Yeah, look around, of course!" she responded, putting some false cheer into her voice.

"Just let me grab my stuff and things."

She went and picked up her bag and the board. It wasn't much, but it's what she had.
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