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Bart leaned against the wall, watching Kizi pass by as she went to talk with the new girl. He found himself retaining a cautious optimism about their current predicament. Had he considered the various ways that things could go wrong? Yes he had. Actually, those thoughts had been some of the first to flow through his mind every morning on the island. Things were different now, though. There was a plan. They could actually get something done, something that could help everyone. That gave him hope.

He stayed back while Kizi handled the negotiations. Both of them coming to the new girl with the proposal might have given off more of an intimidating aura than they would have liked. Besides, he had accepted long ago that he was by far the worst talker of their trio, so he was fine with not handling that part of the job. He would just keep trying to be a reasonable member of the group, maybe a mediator if things got heated again like they did the previous night.

He continued to observe as... wait. Something didn't seem right. There was a weird sound coming from somewhere in the room. It sounded like... crackling, with a sort of low gusty noise alongside it. Whatever it was, it just didn't sound right. Actually, it sounded kind of like...

The sight of the shelf falling over and slamming to the ground finished the thought for him, bringing a plume of flame along with it. The fire began to spread at an unnerving pace, threatening to engulf the whole room if nothing was done. Before anything else, though, he saw his bag dangerously close to the encroaching blaze. Moving before he could think, he ran to collect his supplies before the flames claimed them.

He managed to save his bag, but looking up revealed a new problem. Kizi and the new girl were n the other side of the room, and the growing wall of flame separated him from them. His heart sank as he looked at them. Things were going so well! Everything was about to turn around for them! They were so close to making their community!

He looked back at the entrance behind him, with the flames slowly creeping toward it, before turning back to the girls. He had to do something to help. He didn't know what he could to, but he had to try something. He couldn't just leave them to die! Problem was, he had no idea how to soothe the flames even a little, leaving him without a plan outside of watching in anguish. He watched Kizi try in vain to break through a window before disappearing off to the side, crying out for Bart and Clarice to save themselves.

Clarice! Bart had totally forgotten about her! He frantically jerked his head around, looking for any trace of her. If she was still in the library, then he couldn't see any trace of her. "Clarice!" He called out, hoping that she would be able to hear him and show herself. "Clarice!" His calls received no reply, making him worry that Clarice may have already succumbed to the flames.

He looked back at the area where Kizi had once stood, then back at the entrance. The fire was getting worse by the moment, and he was sweating from the heat. He wanted to stay and help the others, but his sense of self-preservation was taking precedence. He shouted for Clarice one last time before running out the open entrance.

Once he was outside, he took a look back at the library, the fire burning inside gradually taking up more of the view from the doorway. Feeling powerless to do anything more, he fled to what he hoped would be a safer place.

(Bart Cappotelli continued in Bart's Nightmare))
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