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Hazel stood for a moment looking at the two bodies they'd pulled out of the hallway. She didn't know why it took until now to strike her how creepy they were and she thought that she must have been crazy just a second ago to casually drag one of them out. Some kind of delayed reaction or maybe a coping mechanism. Either way, it was better that they weren't in the room they were waiting in anymore, so it was probably a good kind of temporary insanity.

Jordan was looking a little green after having to shuffle around their former classmates. Involuntarily, she smiled. Hazel suddenly thought about asking him if he believed in ghosts, but thankfully he kept talking about the nature of how people change.

Something about it hit her very deeply. "No, it makes perfect sense," she said quickly after he tried to retract it.

"If you change something a little bit every time then soon there's the original foundation at the bottom but it's way different from the thing that started."

Hazel looked down and privately wondered what effect every rotten brick the island was piling up on each of their personal towers was having.

"It's too bad we weren't better friends before," she said quietly, not looking up. "If there's anything good that came out of this complete garbage fire, it's that I got to get to know you better."

Hazel put a hand on his shoulder and tried to give her best cheerful smile, hoping it covered up how scared and worried she was.
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