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The two were leaving when a nasty thought came over Vanessa's mind.

She was agreeing to help Kaitlyn commit another murder. Kait, who'd already killed someone under circumstances that she wasn't entirely familiar with. Kait, who she kind of knew, but not really all that well. Kait, who from the sounds of it was prepared to start killing more people as long as they counted as 'crazy'.

It was, she realised, a rather risky commitment.

Sure, she was only planning on going after Alessio and then being doing with it, but going this route she seemed at risk of getting roped into more. Yeah, she could really use a gun, like fuck-yeah firepower and all, but she might've been biting off more than she could chew here.

"Hey, uh," she started, rubbing the back of her neck. Time to slip away without a stir.

"I actually forgot....my bag?" She glanced down at her which was obviously slung over her shoulder. "I mean, another bag. Yeah. I left it behind one of the crates down there because...it's heavy?"

Fuck it, that sounded believable.

"I'll be right back, I'll just go grab it. It's like, other way to the entrance."

She turned on heel and bounced down the hallway, calling out 'won't be a moment' and 'wait right here' as she did so, trying to be quick enough that Kait couldn't just chase straight after her. Hopefully.

((Vanessa Stone continued in Resident Evil))
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