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She hadn’t even gotten it right. She didn’t have to open her eyes to know that. All she’d done was make the pain worse. And Isabel was telling her to try again, and there was another squelching noise.

“Stop it!” Lily’s whimpered demand for Isabel to stop stomping on Lizzie like that was drowned out by a new voice. Lily cracked one of her eyes open to see who it was, immediately regretting it when she saw the bloody mess that Lizzie was.

It was Coleen. Lily had completely forgotten she was still alive. Lily’s brain, stunned by everything that was happening, couldn’t really focus on why Coleen running at them was important. Didn’t notice the gun, didn’t really think.

Even when Isabel grabbed her hand, Lily only really left because Isabel yanked her away. Feet only moving enough to stop her from falling over from the force.

The last thing she saw on the shoreline was Lizzie, burned into her brain like a brand.

It wasn’t her fault. She hadn’t… she hadn’t wanted… hadn’t meant…

((Lily Caldwell continued in The World's an Ugly Place, but I'm Still Afraid to Die.))
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