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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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"H-Hey Min-kuuuun~!" Jasmine managed a soft coo and a hard grin. A hard, anxious, fake-as-hell grin.

"Tell him it was Caedyn's idea! It's Caedyn he wants, not you!"

Jasmine gulped. Of course Min-kun did not like Caedyn very much either. She didn't even think of that. Oh wow, this was *so* bad. Jasmine jolted upright. She had to do something, fast.

"K-Kay was just scared!" Jasmine stammered. She stood up, furiously brushing away a leaf off her shoulder. The sword was in her other hand. "She heard a noise that spooked her an-and she pulled the trigger by accident!" Jasmine spun her head around, gleaming at Caedyn. "Isn't that right Kay? It was all a misunderstanding!"

Jasmine Reed had her rare moments of quick thinking.
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