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No, it wasn't good enough.

Kimiko had wanted to be remembered before she had ended up on the island but that felt like a different life. She had wanted to be remembered for doing something good but any chance she had of that happening. She looked at Nancy and then looked away wobbling her hand and shrugging. Playing up to the question and keeping the girls focus distracted while she dropped her other hand into her pocket and took hold of the tantō once more.

Truthfully Kimiko had been asking an honest question when she had asked Nancy her reason for killing She supposed she didn't have any moral high ground to judge the other girl. Not that it mattered at that point anyway.

Stepping forward and pulling the tantō free Kimiko stabbed twice with it. Just below the ribs, just like with Cristo.

Nancy's reason hadn't been good enough, but she could help her be remembered at least.
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