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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Audrey squealed. Her arms flew from her stomach to her ears, eyes squeezed so tight that all Audrey could see were stars.

The sound ended as quickly as it started, but the reverberations lingered. Audrey could feel the gunfire in her core, in her bones and skin. It was the familiarity of that sound. It was the same sound she heard when Alvaro killed Jasper.

She... She felt sick. She wanted to throw up. She probably would have if there was anything substantial in her stomach.

There was a loud THUNK. Audrey squirmed because it was only a few feet away from her.

She was still panting. Her fingers were trembling. She opened her eyes.

Alvaro was laying in a growing pool of his own blood.

Audrey's brain was overheating. The adrenaline in her system said that she should be dead. Her eyes remained glued to Alvaro.

She crawled over to the boy, checked his pulse because it was the only thing she could think to do. She felt a pulse. Alvaro was still alive.

Inside her body, Audrey felt nothing at all. No fear, no anger, no relief. Audrey Reyes was uncomfortably numb. She exhaled a deep, shuddering breath.

Audrey noticed that there was a third person in the therapy room, but she was in no mind to connect the dots. She lifted her head.

And found herself staring directly into the barrel of the gun.

Audrey realized she was still crying. It was Jasper all over again; things were happening so fast that she could not process everything.

She opened her mouth to say something but she closed it. She did not move, she just stared up at Scout and shook her head.

(Scout Pfeiffer continued from Mystic River)

Scout felt a lot of things. Anger, disgust, hatred. Spend so many days sitting on your ass and talking about how you're going to clean house can turn you into a loathful son of a bitch. Most importantly though, Scout felt vindicated. Impassioned. And the crying girl whose name Scout was blanking on did not discourage her. In fact, she only served to piss her off even more.

Scout closed the gap between her and the rat on the floor. She nudged his shoulder with the end of her shoe with the intent of rolling him over. Whether or not he did so depended on the rat that called himself Alvaro Vacanti.

It was just Scout, the girl and the rat. Asuka was close by, Scout imagined. The gunfire was sure to light a fire under her ass. It really didn't matter who got there when, just that they got there at the right moment. If Scout arrived a moment too soon, things could have become very messy indeed. Not that Scout came in here to play superhero. She held the gun in her hand, a compact little number that tore the rat a new anal cavity. She liked it. It felt good. She could see why people got so fucking crazy about owning them.

She took no pleasure in what she was about to do. Quite the opposite; she found herself hemming and hawing now that she was face to face with the rat. Her eyes moved, glaring at the girl who was sitting at the boy's side. Scout did not understand why she wasn't running for the door. The rat was trying to kill her, right? Actually, Scout did not want to know the reasons. Because she didn't care.

Scout cleared her throat.

"Remember me, asshole?"

"If you lie to me, I'll kill you." She thought to herself.
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