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Hello, everyone! Now that we're past that incident that never happened, Aperture Science Mafia is kicking off, and signups are open. You guys know the routine.

For those of you unfamiliar with the theme, I'm drawing (very loosely, and probably very poorly!) from the flavor of the brilliant Portal series. Flavor will be entirely for fun, and should not give any informational advantages.

This game will use a couple of unique mechanics. Power roles will not be distributed to players at the beginning of the game. Rather, they will be distributed via four different 'tests' over the first four day phases. 'Tests' are essentially predetermined 'mini-games' based around mechanics I've retooled from smaller Open games on MafiaScum. (For instance, while I did not use this specific mechanic as it was open to abuse, a possible example could be players being given the choice to give another player a PR, but unable to use it themselves, similar to the Inventor role. )

All the gameplay elements of the 'tests' are predetermined. I cannot go into detail without making them abusable, but they are roughly in the same vein as the example above. They are all based on mechanics I've seen used, and a common theme of trust and paranoia, and aimed to let the players reward good play. Other than this, the game is straight vanilla.

-Due to recent issues, I'm retooling Turtle's activity rules for the purposes of this game. All players are expected to make at least six posts per dayphase.. All posts except an EBWOP will count for these purposes. As this is not ambiguous, it will be handled strictly, with only one warning, followed by a modkill. (If you are going to have lowered activity or be away for a while please note such in the appropriate thread.

-There is one additional caveat. If you are prodded at any point in the game, the players will be given the option to request any prodded player be modkilled via PM, and PM only. (Requests in the thread are allowed, but will not count for vote purposes. PMing must be done privately. This is to avoid too much focus on potential embarrassment or allow it to be abused as a second lynch.) If 4/5 of the remaining players agree, they will be modkilled. This is an experimental rule. As such, I am going to request that it be used to follow the spirit intended here, which is to avoid having an inactive player holding Town back in late game, rather than abused to act as an extra kill.

Due to rebalancing, I'm going to need 18 players at a minimum, but can easily handle up to 30. If we fall short, I can retool it, but it will likely be a different game entirely. Signups will run for a week, or until the game miraculously hits 30 people.

Test subjects: -

1: DmBoogie
2: Randomness
3: Brackie
4: Goose
5: MurderWeasel
6: Zetsu
7: Naft
8: Doc/EP
9: Deamon
10: RC
11: Riki
12: Flare
13: Dannyrulx
14: Decoy
15: Yugi

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Constructive criticism is always welcome! Feel free to send me a PM if you have any pointers or feedback you'd like to share!

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