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Clarice’s heart was thumping away like crazy, almost drowning out any other sound. This could be it. If they figured her out, she was fucked. Her collar could pop at any second.

But fuck it, right?

So Clarice clicked the lighter. The lighter was in her bad arm, and even just that little click made her shoulder send little pulses down her arm, but she needed to be able to aim with the air freshener. It took a couple of tries for the tiny little flame to appear. Clarice stared at it for a moment, then raised it and the air freshener and held the nozzle down.

Flames. Fire with no real heat to it, that would vanish with nothing but a few scorch marks. But Clarice pointed it at one of the books she’d opened and left on the shelf, and after a couple of seconds the pages started to burn and fuel a proper fire. With a quick glance in the direction of where Kizi and the others would be, Clarice did the same to the next. The next. And by the time she got to the last book she’d left open on the shelf, the fire was starting to crawl across the shelf.

Clarice was grinning, maybe a little manically, and it wasn’t any act. And she heard noises coming from where the others were. So, with no time left, she lifted a foot and kicked the shelf, aiming for one side of the shelf to let it turn just a little away from the door.

The shelf landed with a thud that sounded faint underneath her own heartbeat, not far from the door. Flaming books flying in all directions. The fire would soon block the doorway. But the others would have heard it, and there were other ways of escaping the library. It wasn’t like the mental hospital, this was meant for staff, it wouldn’t be inescapable. It’d be alright.

She hoped.

Clarice jumped over the flaming bookshelf, ignoring the sting of fire licking her legs and leaving scorch marks along the edge of her jeans, pulled the door open—the door so close to where the bookshelf had fallen that it wouldn’t even open all the way—squeezed through it, tugging her bag a little when it got stuck in the doorway. And then she ran, bolting like she wasn’t concerned for who was left.
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