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The other folks were doing something else, talking to each other or something. Lili couldn't really hear them too well, so she decided not to eavesdrop on them anyway. She felt some level of clarity returning to her mind, faster than she expected. It almost felt as if her headache, the same dull pain that had been gradually subsiding since she woke up yet never properly fading away, had gone away completely.

But it still feels kind of odd.

Likewise, her craving for cigarettes was close to gone as well. She hadn't even thought to ask when she first came across the library people, though they didn't seem like the type to smoke anyway. Then again, Lili had been told the exact same thing about herself before, and she knew how that turned out for her.

Finally satisfied with her food, Lili rested a hand on her belly. She felt full for the first time in days. Of course, she had probably overeaten on some level, but it still felt good. No time to pay toward thought, nothing to gain from any worry now. She was on her legs again, as steady as she'd ever been, even if that on its own was never very steady at all.

Lili sighed and closed her eyes, content to spend a few moments to rest.
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