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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Coleen Reagan, continued from Cooking Up Trouble))

When Coleen first stormed out of the asylum, gun in her hands and spear wedged through the strap of her daypack, she remembered her first enemy being the sun in her face. Then it was the pain in her soles, the rapidly-developing calluses in her hands from handling the heavy, violent piece of metal that so far had done her no good. It gave her another weapon, and it took a friend without removing her original target now. Yes, she had a target now.

None of those prior concerns meant a thing to her anymore, not when the only scene she could play in her mind was the one in which Alessio finally got the boot. The wind was to her back now, spraying her ponytail over her shoulder and itching her in the neck. It was an annoyance, but it beat having her hair over her eyes. That brought back a memory of the first day, the one in which she had run into those boys. Arthur... it was when she first ran into Arthur, and he had decided to stick with her.

The memory of her fallen companion loosened from the forefront of her thought as a scream pierced the air. Coleen recognized it through media as not just a scream of pain, but the scream of somebody who was about to die.

That wasn't exactly true. Movies nor even the greatest of thespians could reproduce what it truly sounded like for somebody to be on the verge of death. To know this all to well was one of Coleen's burdens, as well as a burden to everybody else trapped here like rats on a rock. Be that as it may, the scream most assuredly wasn't Alessio's; it was a girl's, and it didn't quite sound like Vanessa's, either. Maybe it was B.B.? Was B.B. on the island after all?

Against her better judgement, Coleen made her way over the rocks as cautiously as her aching body would let her. She saw, down near the breaking waves, three girls. Two standing, one on the ground. The sand around the prone girl had been soaked a lovely mahogany, gruesome testament to the act being carried out. But the girl wasn't B.B.

It wasn't one of her bandmates.

She had nothing to do with this. She could walk away, pretend she never saw anything, and just listen to what had happened on the announcements. Or... or she could...

"Damn it..." Coleen whined, making her best attempts to quell the trembling in her hands as she picked the pace up into a run. The pack and spear jostled, the gun in her arms shook and her only trains of thoughts were 'Alessio's getting further and further away' and 'I'm putting myself in harm's way for next to no reason.' The trains collided at Thought Station in a fiery explosion. There were no survivors.

"HEEEEEY!" Coleen screamed. "STOP IT! STOOOOOOP!"
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