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((Alessio Rigano continued from Let it Die))

He figured out that the Gym was the perfect place to ambush people, because of all the stuff lying around. He could fortify himself in this and if they walk in he could either surprise them with the sword or gun, or let them walk into a trap.

When Alessio, however, walked into the gym, he was surprised as well. Ugh, that was disgusting. There was a corpse of a girl lying in front of the entrance. That was not something he wanted to see here. It was weird to think about the fact that he'll stumble more and more into corpses the longer he was on the island. That was a worse reminder that his former classmates were dead, than the announcements, because it felt so extremely real and surreal to see the corpses of people you had seen alive a week ago.

No, not a week ago, it was a couple of days ago when he saw that girl who was a corpse now. It was Astrid.

But he was not here to mourn her. He was here to play smart, play safe, don't play aggressively.

This is the place where he want to build traps. There were enough ways to build them. There was stuff lying around that he could use. For example, the weight. He could put the weight up on the doorframe to perhaps injure the next person who would walk in. But how could he go up to the doorframe? That meant a lot of work for him. Putting the weight up the door. Hm.

He pulled a wooden bench in front of the door so he could place a weight up the door by stepping on it. That exhausted him extremely. These were not like the wooden benches he had in school. These felt five times as heavy as he did not have as much energy as he did back in Kingman. He felt tired, exhausted and he did not want to pull the bench or even carry the weight. But he wasn't Fanny, so he can't put a load off and put it right on Robbie Robertson.

But when he had the weight on the door it also took him a while to position it perfectly. He did not want the weight to fall down automatically once he released it. The door had to be opened slightly, but not too much. The weight should not be visible.

It took a while, sometimes it just fell down. He almost got hit if he had not reacted quickly. But after several tries it seemed fine. The door was slightly opened, the weight was balancing on the door and if someone opened the door it would fall down.

So Alessio pulled the bench back to its original position and sat on it to wait for a victim to come. His bloodied sword lying next to him on the bench.
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