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“I know! I know, I…”

There was too much Lily couldn’t say. She wanted Lizzie to know why she was with Isabel, she didn’t want Lizzie to look at her like that, like she was some kind of confusing, mutated monster. Of course she knew what Isabel had done. She’d seen it. How could she not know?

She tried to stop Isabel, but there was nothing she could do. Isabel just didn’t want to stop, and Lily was nothing but twigs and leaves to be brushed aside. The first push was nothing, but the last one sent Lily tumbling proper.

Her hands scrabbled over the ground, hoping for something. A rock like the one Lizzie had tripped on. Something. Anything. So she could do something!

But she couldn’t. There was nothing.

There was a squelching noise. Lily could only cover her face and try to block it out, but she couldn’t block out the… the noises. Couldn’t block out that it was Lizzie. The others… Steve, Asha, Astrid, she could block out the details, but not Lizzie.

And it wasn’t over. Why wasn’t it over? Why would she wish for it to be over?

Lily peeked through her fingers, and a strained sob escaped her throat, though the sound was lost under the sound of Lizzie crying out. Isabel was stomping on the wound, she was also talking, again she was talking, why was she always talking, but for once she was saying something important, if not in the way that Lily had ever wanted.

Easy? It’d be easy to kill Lizzie? What kind of… what kind of person was Isabel? To think that murdering her own cousin could be easy? She knew Isabel was evil, was stupid, and didn’t seem to understand why anyone would want to kill her but… but this...

She couldn’t kill Lizzie. Her names would be all over the announcement. Emma would know. Her family would hear. And she just couldn’t do that… leaving Tina to die, that was bad, but taking the weapon to Lizzie herself? Lizzie, who grew up with?

The sickle was lying next to her. Lily reached out with a badly-shaking hand and touched the handle.

Isabel might kill her if Lily didn’t do as she said. And even if she didn’t, Isabel had the supplies. Isabel was her only protection. And… and wasn’t Lizzie already bleeding? Wasn’t Isabel making Lizzie hurt? Didn’t that mean Lizzie would never survive long enough, anyway?

Was it murder, really? Would it really be her fault? She couldn't save Lizzie properly, so... so she'd just be sparing Lizzie some pain and saving herself in the process, wouldn't she? It wouldn't be her fault.

Lily got to her feet. She took two steps forward. Holding the sickle close. It was sticky and red and she wanted to vomit. Tears were trickling down her face, snot dribbling from her nose, and Lily didn’t know how long she’d been crying for.

Lizzie was staring at her. Still staring at her with that… that look.

Lily didn’t want to be stared at like that. Lily didn’t want to see what she was going to do. It wasn’t her fault. It wasn’t her fault! She closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to see it any more.

She swung the sickle wildly, aiming to slash the throat and put Lizzie out of her misery. She might have hit target, except that she’d closed her eyes. She missed the throat. But she didn’t miss Lizzie entirely.
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