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Isabel ignored Lily's feeble attempt at holding her back, yanking her arm out of Lily's grip and hearing the girl fall to the ground.

She had a lot of things she wanted to say to Lily, but they would have to wait until the situation that was in front of her was taken care of.

Isabel crept ever closer to Eliza, continuing to respond to her despite the fact that her words were meaningless. "I deserve to live because I worked hard in my life to get where I am, unlike you lot. The only other person I could say that for is dead now, so I'm the next logical choice to be the sole survivor."

Isabel cracked her neck again as she stood just a few meters away from Eliza. "The only other person I would be okay with surviving is the girl that just fell on her ass behind me, hence why I'm protecting her. Nobody else deserves it."

She was lying through her teeth, but she needed to keep up appearances. So long as it looked like she cared about Lily despite not knowing her, that made her look better.

She felt Lily grab her arm from behind again, and stopped briefly. She turned her head towards her for a moment, before violently yanking her arm away, throwing Lily to the ground from the force.

"But like I said," she began again, as she loomed over the freshly fallen Eliza. "I have another reason for killing."

Using her sword to keep herself steady, Isabel quickly knelt down to Eliza's level, hissing quietly into Eliza's ear, her next statement barely audible even to herself.

"It's because I think it's fucking fun."

The end of the sword was quickly brought down into Eliza's torso, a sickening squelching noise being heard as bits of Eliza's organs were liquefied and her blood leaked out of the newly created wound. Standing up and pushing the sword deeper into Eliza, Isabel paused briefly, savoring the pain she had just inflicted, before ripping the bloody blade from the broken girl's flesh.

The newly inflicted wound wasn't one that would be survivable. Isabel could savor the pain more if she just let Eliza bleed to death as she watched.

Or, she could use this as an opportunity.

She had heard what Eliza said. Lily was related to the Luz family. Not something she expected, given that Lily seemed to have a fairly level head on her shoulders, but it certainly explained why Lily had wanted to kill her. All of that just for the sake of avenging Tina. And now she had yet another family member of Lily's under her heel. Isabel didn't need this kill, she already had enough to her name to be threatening. No, instead she could use this. She could make Lily finish her cousin off, all under the guise of wanting to get her ally the kill she would need to go home. Push Lily to be even further under her control, so she won't get any dangerous ideas in the future.

"Hey, Lily..." Isabel said, turning her attention back towards the small girl. "I have an idea. You haven't gotten your first kill yet, right? Well..." Isabel stomped on Eliza to keep her held still, a miniature geyser of blood erupting from Eliza's wound as the girl cried out in pain. "I was thinking," she continued, "that maybe you could get this kill. This is supposed to be a partnership, right? How can this partnership be complete if you have no chance of getting to go home yet?"

Isabel cocked a slight smirk. "Just pick up the sickle, and slit her throat. It'll be easy, trust me."
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