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Somehow we drifted off too far...
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Good morning, students.

Or, well, not really. Because you're all dead. Almost all of you, at least. The following perished overnight:

Noriko Nakagawa (dmboogie)
Yukie Utsumi (decoy73)

That means that there's not really any hope left of overcoming the killers.

DEAD: Noriko Nakagawa - dmboogie, Cop
Yukie Utsumi - decoy73, Doctor

And that brings the game to an unwinnable spot for town, leaving:

VICTORY: Kazuo Kiriyama - Yugikun, Bulletproof
Mitsuko Souma - VysePresident, Godfather
Yoshio Akamatsu - Zetsumodernista, One-Shot Strongman
Yuko Sakaki - GeneralGoose, Roleblocker
Kazushi Niida - Flare, Tracker

Fallout thread will be up presently. Thanks for playing, everyone!
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