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Of course it didn't go smoothly. Nothing around here has ever gone smoothly. Ever since she woke up in that fucking library it's been one thing after another. Alvaro still had his gun, and fired it off as she was getting ready to end this. Then of course he took off running, the coward. She fired off after him, giant ass boom as the gun went off, almost flying out of her hands. She really shouldn't be the one holding this thing. Mel followed after him.

Silence permeated the room after the encounter. The thoughts of what they were really doing flowing through her mind as she processed it all. they'd almost killed him here, holding him down for execution with Irene's body and the camera's as audience for a grotesque display of vigilantisme. It really were the people holding the guns around here who were in charge. She quickly turned to Aiden, who was also processing this as she went over to him and forced the gun into his hands.

"It's safer for us both if you have it instead of me."

She then looked the depot, throughout the whole debacle she almost forgot her keys, their very reason for being here. She could now find out if it was good or not. She had two options here looking around. A car with broken windows and dents in it or the jeep that looked almost perfect in comparison. Knowing how these people played, she was tempted to try them out on the car, but decided to test her luck on the jeep. She walked over to it, climbed her way into the elevated jeep and put the keys in. She stopped for a second, her breathing was heavy as she finally could find out if this was all worth it.

She turned the keys.
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