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"Why? Because..." Nancy started. She coughed as she felt a scratching at the back of her throat.

She tried again.

"Well, before anything else, Scarlett was..."

An accident? Well, no. Not quite. An accident would be something stupid, like if she'd tripped and accidentally caught her with the axe blade. No, what happened with Scarlett wasn't an accident. But Nancy wasn't really thinking straight at the time, either. The smell of blood back then... Nancy could swear she could smell it even now.

"I panicked," is what Nancy settled for in the end. "I panicked and lashed out, and that was it."

But that's probably not what Kimiko wanted to hear.

"But... like... if I'm going to die, I don't want to be forgotten. To those watching, I wanted to make sure they knew who I was. That's why," she continued, "Because they say my name every day. Then, when I die, whether it's tomorrow or a week from now, they'll remember who I was."

Nancy let a tiny smile creep into her face, but it soon disappeared.

"Is that good enough?"
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