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Lizzie tensed.

There was Isabel, creeping closer, a murderous leer on her face, her weapons handy. Idiot, Lizzie. Getting this close to a killer, and for what? For answers you don't need?

Except she did need them, didn't she? She needed to know why Lettie, and Tina, and Sabrina, and Harold, and Ty's girlfriend, and...and everyone had...it didn't make sense. It didn't make sense. No part of it made sense, and she felt so wrong-footed, like she had since she'd heard those first Announcements, a litany of the dead and a litany of their killers and for what?

"Don't you dare," she hissed, even as she backed away. "Don't you...you're not doing it for us. You're doing it for you. What makes you so special? Why do you deserve to live any more than..."

She trailed off as Lily stepped forwards, with her quiet plea, her quiet gesture. Lily cared. It really looked like Lily cared. So why...

"She killed Tina, Lil," Lizzie whispered, staring at her cousin. "She...and you..."

Nothing made sense. The world was wrong.

She shifted backwards, considering what a mistake this had been. She didn't see the rock half-buried in the sand behind her. It caught her heel: she fell.
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