"We tried to be better, but we aren't. I don't think anyone could last more than a week here if they weren't willing to do bad things." - Alba Reyes

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i love him, i love him, i love him, i love him
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The other boy had no response. Typical. It probably should have been obvious, but he wanted to make sure anyway.

Maxim looked down at the other boy, laying blue on the ground. It was amazing how the tables must have turned here. Were this not the precarious situation it was, Maxim would want to hear about how it happened, although why it happened seemed to be just as questionable.

Without missing a beat, Maxim scooped down and begun rifling through Junko's belongings. Food was the main goal, water too, but on the off chance she had something he could use to ward people away? Even better.
I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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