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He did it.

He said it.

Everything had stopped around the two of them. The world had become silent. The room had faded away, and now Audrey was the only other thing that remained. Her eyes. Her expression. He didn’t know what she was thinking. He could only look. He could only think. He could only hope that even after what he had done, even after killing all these people, that she still cared enough for him to do it. To help him.

There was a flash of movement.

There was a feeling of sharp pain, on his cheek, stinging and bulging and making the bruises underneath grow.

And immediately, Alvaro knew what Audrey’s answer was. She was talking, moving around the question. She was trying to make it seem like she didn’t know, but he knew. Her answer was no. She wasn’t going to kill him. She was going to leave him alone for him to continue being on this island and he knew that other people would find him and he knew that they’d hate him for what he did the people he had killed and they were going to shout at him for it they were going to try and take revenge they were going to fight and he was going to kill them he would have to and then it’d happen all over again and again and he’d be fighting and killing and fighting again.


He wouldn’t let that happen.

He had to die. Audrey had to kill him. Right here. Right now.

But she wasn’t.

She wasn’t letting him go. She wasn’t letting him leave.

So he had to make her. Attack him. Kill him. End his life.

He had to do it.

He had to make her.

He had to do something.

It was the only thing he knew, at this point.

The foot went up.
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