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"How can I justify myself?" Isabel sneered, unable to keep her utter disdain held in.

She started giggling, it was just too hilarious to her. A girl that had willingly run up to the most dangerous single person on the entire island and decided to verbally lay into her was calling her stupid. Isabel's giggling turned to outright laughter before it turned into a fit of coughing. Isabel wheezed as she clutched her side where Asha had stabbed her, grimacing.

Shaking her head, Isabel looked back up at Eliza, her head now tilted to the side. Despite the fact that Eliza was so stupid as to almost be entirely unbelievable, she still wasn't about to let any of those insults go unpunished. Isabel cracked her neck, returning her head to a normal resting position, focusing intently on the other girl. "Look," she began, her voice openly sinister. "Let me explain this to you slowly, since you're obviously special."

She dropped her sickle down onto the sandy turf below her, pulling her knife out of her pocket and twirling it once in her hand before gripping it firmly. "You have a problem with me killing?" She looked at Eliza with pure contempt and began slowly walking towards her. "You know the rules. If nobody kills anyone else for the entire day, the terrorists that put us here would just blown all of us up. You apparently hate me so much, yet I'm the only reason your sorry ass is still wasting precious oxygen."

Isabel held her blades facing outwards, her arms relaxed. She spoke slightly more quietly, as her soon-to-be victim backed up away from her. "But besides that... why would I kill? To keep myself alive, plain and simple. The more I kill, the closer I am to being the survivor. Although, I guess there is one other reason, but it's a secret..."

She looked the girl dead in the eyes, her pace still moving her slowly towards her.

"...Why don't you let me whisper it into your ear..."
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