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Nate turned around, half expecting to see Matt again. Enzo didn’t sound anything like Matt of course, but those memories had close enough to the surface that the little prompts brought them forth. There were worse people he could've seen when he turned around, though.

“Hey!” he replied when he saw who it really was. Something sounded off about that greeting. It was tired, weary. It lacked the same spark he’d always greeted friends with for as long as he could remember. It had the volume, but it was just a bit empty.

“What’s up, Enzo? Ho-how’ve you been?”

He was chuckling whilst he was asking a question that seemed misplaced, forcing a smile and trying to appear as upbeat as he knew he wasn’t, like he always did when he was feeling down. He still didn’t want to bring other people down to his level, even if it was more out of habit than intent at this point.

Nate was happy to see Enzo, that wasn’t the problem. Enzo was a cool dude. Or girl. It was a bit weird, and Nate didn't really understand it, but he didn’t like to judge and it really wasn't his place to. As far as he cared, Enzo was Enzo.

The problem was that being happy to see Enzo just didn't really seem to matter anymore.
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