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Her question had been hurled at both of them, and both women turned to face her. Lizzie felt her heart beating oh-so-quick against her ribcage, her fingers curling and uncurling. She was in mortal danger, her life could end at any moment, and she had chosen this, after all her running from the fights and feuds of her family she had rushed into this and for what?

This wasn't Nancy Kyle, who'd become the looming shadow over all of Lizzie's thoughts. In some ways this was worse. Isabel had killed Tina. Isabel had killed...why the hell was Lily here? "How could you?" she'd asked, less because of Isabel and more because she didn't understand what Lily could possibly be doing with Tina's killer.

Lily and Isabel separated a little. Lily was mouthing something, but as Lizzie tried to make sense of it, Isabel started talking.

"How could I what? Kill Tina? She was there, I didn't like her, I needed a kill, I killed her. Plain and simple."

All her fear and confusion left her in one great heave. The rage returned: the rage that had made her want to pry the eyes from Nancy's god damn head.

And Isabel. Kept. Talking.

"I really don't feel like getting my hands dirty again today. Back the fuck up and leave me the hell alone, and maybe you'll get to keep the blood inside your body for a few more days. Capiche?"

"Can you...can you fucking hear yourself?" Lizzie asked, ignoring Lily for the moment, staring in disbelief at the small, psychotic, belligerently stupid woman who'd killed so many. "Do you understand who fucking stupid you sound? 'Maybe you'll get to keep the blood inside your body for a few more days'." She raised her voice to a mocking falsetto that had frequently driven her siblings to violence as she imiitated Isabel. "How does a person get so stupid, Ramirez? Tell me, because I don't get how you can be so fucking dumb and not have drowned on your own spit sometime in the last few minutes. But you're not even the worst of it, are you!" Her voice was going faster and faster, in unconscious imitation of David Tennant's rapid-fire Doctor. "No, because stupid's excusable! No cure for stupid except death. But Lily!" She turned her glare on her cousin. "You can't be that dumb. You can't. If you were that stupid our entire family would have to be retarded because that kind of stupid you've got to be born with, right?"

Her eyes flicked back to Isabel, blazing with indignant disgust. "How can you fucking stand there?" she demanded, and the question was really mean for both of them. "How can you fucking justify yourself! What is the fucking point of either of you?"

The curiosity returned, as painfully acute as her anger. The question she'd needed to answer since she'd heard Nancy's name on the Announcements. How could anyone be a killer?
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