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Question: why does a villain monologue?

There's an easy answer for that, of course. It's the narrative answer. If you're telling a story from the hero's perspective, than the only chance for the villain to have their say is to have their say all at once. In the heat of confrontation, when all the cards must be revealed, and the stakes set in earnest. The hero's strength and ideals against the villain's, spelled out in perfect clarity so that the audience may understand.

But what about the man who must play the villain? Who must bring weight and reality to the scene? He has to understand why the villain is doing what he's doing. He has to understand the nature of the monologue. And so he finds that the justification is exactly the same as the writer's, but with the weight of desperation.

The villain monologues because he wants someone to understand. Because he so rarely gets to speak freely, hiding his intentions behind veils and feints so he may always emerge triumphant. He monologues because in a moment of power he is able, at last, to put aside his masks...

Except that's not what Alex was doing. Alex was monologuing because he was afraid. Because Crowe, for all his jabbing and bluster, didn't deserve to die, and Alex knew it.

He was committed, wasn't he? Committed by the scene. He had to kill, however Crowe might beg, however pitiable the man might look. Crowe had challenged him, with far more audacity than their last confrontation. If Alexander David Tarquin was to be the fittest, he had to end it. He had to end it now. He had to-

In spite of himself, the axe lowered, just a little.

Crowe moved, lunged with more vigor than his sobbing, weak body should possibly have had. Alex moved backwards, but slipped in the wet room, lost his balance and couldn't quite rise and then-

And then: pain.

Worse than any of the blows, worse than anything, that terrible shocking force that grabbed him and wouldn't let him go, and he was shaking with it, the axe clutched uselessly between spasming hands, his left eye burning and searing and scalding and he felt a pain like a migraine of flame inside his god damn skull inside his god damn eye socket and everything was going white and dark around the edges, his mind was a storm, his body a storm, he was screaming and he couldn't stop himself, there was no thought left of heroes or villains, no thought left of who he was supposed to be, nothing left but the pain.

The knife shorted out with a cartoonish kzzzzzt. Alex slumped backwards, shaking in the water so that little ripples spread around him. Shaking, shaking, shaking.

And then: Not shaking. Not moving. Not breathing.
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