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Oh no. No, no, no, not this. Anything but this.

((Lily Caldwell continued from End of the Line.))

One moment, Lily had been following Isabel. Looking around and wondering if her remaining supplies were still buried around here. Not calm. Not relaxed. But as close to it as she’d been since the start of this game And the next moment everything had done a complete 180.

Lily had been expecting, perhaps, to hear Lizzie or Emma on the announcements. She hadn’t been looking forward to it, but if that had happened… well, it had to happen, didn’t it? But not this. Not Lizzie turning up in front of her, in front of Isabel, making a beeline right for them.

Lily said nothing. Although her eyes were so wide in fear that the whites could be seen all around. She gripped the strap of her bag like it was the only rope keeping her from plummeting off a cliff.

How could you. Lily didn’t know if it was directed at Isabel or at Lily herself. Maybe both. And what could she say? ‘I’m biding my time?’ She couldn’t say that in front of Isabel, it’d get her killed.

Lily took a step back, stepping just barely out of Isabel’s sight, before mouthing at Lizzie to go. Run. Or be peaceful, as much as it pained to do so.

Anything that wouldn’t make this Tina all over again.
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