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((Isabel Ramirez continued from End of the Line))

Isabel realized that the shore wasn't really less boring than just sitting in the darkness of the gym locker rooms.

Still, the movement helped her feel less stiff, and at least she had something to look at out here. The sea was peaceful and serene, the air fresh and clean. The sounds of waves washing up against the shore soothed her, and that was worth it by itself.

She still didn't have anyone to talk to, though. Lily had only paltry responses at best, like usual, but looking out at the sea made Isabel feel the need to speak anyway. "This place is so nice," she began, her voice quieter than usual. "Glad there aren't any bodies around to ruin the vie-"

Someone shouted at her. Her head twisted around to the source of the noise, a brief "huh?" escaping her lips.

It was Eliza, running up towards the two of them. Yet another member of the inbred, idiotic, pain-in-her-ass Luz clan trying to interfere in her business despite her being obviously armed to the teeth. Part of Isabel almost couldn't believe how stupid her classmates apparently were. Every single one of them might as well be lemmings jumping off of cliffs.

She glared at Eliza for a moment before speaking, her voice dripping with contempt. "How could I what? Kill Tina? She was there, I didn't like her, I needed a kill, I killed her. Plain and simple."

Isabel looked Eliza up and down, not seeing any visible weapons on her person. Eliza wasn't a threat in the slightest, Isabel could presumably walk right up to her and stab her a couple of times and be done with it. For once, though, she didn't feel like killing yet another one of her idiotic classmates. She was exhausted, and still somewhat shaken by the circumstances of Astrid's death. She didn't want to deal with this right now.

"Look," Isabel began, her voice blunt, "I'm in a bit of pain..." Isabel gestured to the bandages wrapped around the various parts of her body. "...and I'm generally in a pretty good mood right now. I really don't feel like getting my hands dirty again today. Back the fuck up and leave me the hell alone, and maybe you'll get to keep the blood inside your body for a few more days. Capiche?"
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