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"ah-hen, hnnnn, ah-heh ah-heh, haaa, mmm-hmmm-hmmm..."

Choked sobs escaped Michael as he moved to the door. He couldn- he couldn't die here! Not after everything that's happened! Not after all the shit he's been through! He-he had to get out of here! Let these fuckers tear each other apart.

Closer and closer he crawled to the door. He could slip out, unnoticed. He wasn't gonna die today. He got to he knees. He could stand. He could leave.

Will ran up behind him and talked a lot of shit. One quick stomp to the back and Mike was on the ground again. He grasped for Will's leg as he tried to leave, hoping to trip him, let him get killed, Alex was closing in! He's the one you want!

Will kicked free and sprinted off.

"Y-you coward! You rat fuck! Rea's suckin' cock in Hell right now!"

He turned on his back, Alex was making his way to him. He crawled backwards raising his free arm, pleading "Wait, wait, wait!" Alex got full view of Michael's new crocodile smile. His mouth now couldn't close all the way, the right side of his upper lip raised in a permanent sneer, his overbite apparent, there was a jagged line moving from his lip halfway up to his cheek.

"Look at yourself, hero." Alex moved closer. "All these avengers, and no one avenged."

He wasn't getting out of this. Alex was gonna kill him. He was this close to making it out, and Will used him as a scapegoat! Fucking rat, fuck fuck fuuuuuck!

"Please no! Oh, God, nooo-OOo-Oohoo..."

Alex raised his axe.

Michael screamed.

"Weakness and strength, Crowe; No other truths in this mad place."

One last ditch effort.

The crackle of his shock-knife burst through the air as he brought it up towards Alex's face. Michael was sure he saw Jon in the flashes as the room went from dark to light, dark to light. The blade shot fast. The blade pushed hard.

By the end of it, Michael wasn't the only one screaming.
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