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Though she was shocked in principle by the announcements, the sad truth was that in a way, Alice just felt kind of...numb.

Taking a deep breath, she glanced at her friends. Bryony was clearly devastated by proxy and Sandra was clearly infuriated by the death of someone or other. Alice felt guilty about that, because, in a way, she was relieved? Aside from Bridgette, she didn't know most of the people named very well.

But that wasn't right, she argued. She couldn't just go, 'Well all my friends' friends are dead but my friends are still alive so it's all A-OKAY'. That was just, just disgusting. She tried to shame herself, to will despair into herself. But she was also too eager to count her blessings and appreciate the positive.

Selfish, yes. But was selfish okay here?

Mulling it over was giving her a stomachache, so Alice turned to Bryony and held out her hand to gently pat her friend on the shoulder. "It's okay. There's nothing we can do right now, not for everyone." That sounded harsh, so she added, "Not yet, at least. People are gone, but..."

But what? Religious salvation was hardly comfort in dire situations for people not especially devout already. But what else was there, except for the rapidly-diminishing hope for rescue? Alice didn't know.
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