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Finally Nancy lowered the gun, meaning Kimiko could finally relax and lower her hands. She tucked the tantō into her pocket and rubbed her eyebrow with the back of her other hand. Nancy seemed unsure about working together which didn't bother Kimiko any. If the announcements were to be believed Nancy didn't tend to think and acted on impulse anyway, she wouldn't have been a good partner.

It was time for part two of the plan. She had to get Nancy talking and relaxed. Her agreement to go along with the truce helped. Both of them could act in the knowledge that they were in no danger, unless someone else entered the library. But Kimiko assumed that unless the person who entered was extremely quiet they would be able to her them.

So Kimiko felt safe enough to continue with the conversation.

"Been thinking a lot about why I've done what I have." She started, waiting to see what Nancy's reaction would be. When there was no dissent she continued. "Then I thought about why others would choose to take the same path as me."

Still no immediately negative response.

"So why did you start killing?"
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