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There was something...heartwarming about this.

That felt like the wrong word. It was simply someone rediscovering their bags. Finding supplies and material possessions. Not a heartfelt reunion or anything. But still, it warmed her heart. To see a reprieve from the hostility of the island, a (metaphorical) island of hospitality and goodwill amidst the chaos. To be a part of that. To know not everyone was abandoning basic decency. Gave her hope.

It helped that the newcomer seemed practically ecstatic at discovering her bags were safe. Ebullient, even. Seeing happiness in the flesh, that was a pleasure she wasn't sure she'd ever witness again. Small mercies, perhaps, but great things were built by small mercies. That was what was important. Kindness could not be abandoned. It had to be bound around their necks, written into the tablets of their heart, if they were to have any chance of proving these monsters wrong.

Kizi stood by, leaning against the wall. The newcomer had probably been in a similar state of mind to them. Expecting nothing but treachery, dishonesty, opportunism. And as she ate her bread, it was clear that she had seen fit to let her guard down, just a bit. In the context, it was the best compliment someone could get.
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