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Blood on his axe. Crowe's blood. Crowe's blood on Crowe's axe, ha!

The man looked up at him, his eyes wide, his mouth bared in an uneven, monstrous grin. Dim light had begun to filter in from outside, and his flashlight was still casting shadows across the room. Blood like paint, dripping down his jaw. He'd seen this before, hadn't he? That fight in the park, when they'd been kids at high school playing games.

Crowe started crawling away, moaning.

Crowe. Crowe. How the fuck did we get here, Crowe? How-?

Movement, from the corner of Alex's eye. He turned to face the source.



Gun right there, and the moment's clarity was gone, and he was not a villain and he was not larger than life. He was just a mortal man with his death in front of him.

"Looks like your luck's out, Alex."

Alex's hand tensed on his axe. There had to be something he could do!

"Say hi to Darius for me."

You are about to die, Alex Tarquin. This is how your life ends, how your story ends. Here, in this inglorious fight. Everything goes wrong. Everything. You are alone, without a single soul to trust. Your parents will mourn you, while Rea's parents curse your name, while Crowe's parents curse your name. You intend to be a villain, so act the part. Say something.


Alex blinked.

Click click click clickclickclickclickclick

The gun was jammed. The gun was jammed? The bullets failed to fly again, and Alex was still alive, Alex was still alive.

Will turned and ran. Alex hurtled after him without thinking, axe whisking through the air where Will had been. Fire and fury, the urgent necessity of violence, and something else, too. How many times could a gun fail to kill him? Even with all his care and caution, how many times could Alex survive the impossible?

"Run away, Will!" Alex howled, as Will vanished. "You're no hero! You're no avenger!" He raised his voice still higher. "You're even more a coward than me!"

He stopped. Will was gone, and Alex was in mood to get ambushed. He turned back around, and saw Crowe upon the ground. Crowe, who he'd hurt.

His head was a roiling, wild mess. He was alive, gloriously and unexpectedly alive, and his body still sang with the electric pain of Crowe's shock knife, and thrilled with the incredible fire of such a fight, so much better than the paintball duel of long ago, a contest where everything was on the line, and he was still performing, and the butterflies still beating in his stoamch.

He dropped to one knee in front of Crowe, his stolen axe in Alex's hand. He opened his mouth, unsure what he was going to say.

Play the villain, of course. That's what you've decided.

"Look at yourself, hero." He spat that last word with all the venom he could muster. "All these avengers, and no one avenged."

He raised his axe for the killing blow. But this wasn't like Rea, was it? She wasn't surprising him out of the dark. His adrenaline and fury were fading: this was murder in cold-blood.

"Weakness and strength, Crowe," he said. "No other truths in this mad place."

He raised the axe still higher.
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