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That's a lynch!

But more than that, it's phase end, and that means a certain measure of other accounting is due. Of the two who perished, one by the will of the collective and the other by choice, neither numbered among the troublemakers. And that meant trouble was certainly still brewing.

The surviving students huddled together, unsure who would last the night.

DEAD: ToxieTheToxicAvenger - Hirono Shimizu, Miller
Primrosette - Mizuho Inada, Backup

Primrosette: 2 (Espi, Primrosette)
ToxieTheToxicAvenger: 7 (Backslash, VysePresident, Zetsumodernista, NotAFlyingToy, dmboogie, General Goose, Yugikun)
decoy73: 1 (Deamon)
Not Voting: 2 (decoy73, ToxieTheToxicAvenger)

Night Four will run for just under three days or until I have received a night action from all parties with one available and have received approval for shortening the phase from all parties with the ability to communicate during it. I'm including the latter clause on account of the phase being lengthened by almost a whole day just due to the current posting time.

Phase ends in:
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Juliette Sargent drawn by Mimi and Ryuki
Alton Gerow drawn by Mimi
Lavender Ripley drawn by Mimi
Phillip Olivares drawn by Ryuki
Library Vee
Misty Browder
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