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Clarice nodded and waited for Lili to head for her things, and for the three to move deeper into the library. As they did so, Clarice reached for the door and opened it a little, peering out to make sure no-one else was standing outside.

It was still damp outdoors, but it wasn’t raining. Clarice wished it was drier, but…

Bernie and Irene came to mind again, and she pushed it away. Tried not to think of them. Of Harold and Conrad. Had to think of Kizi. Of Ty. Of Scout.

Clarice looked back over at the three, making it a point not to look at the cameras—they’d see what she did, no matter what—and made sure they weren’t looking at her before ducking behind the shelf nearest to the door. She looked at it, then gripped the side of it and shifted it a little so it was facing the door better. She tried to do so quietly.

Once that was done, she pulled a few books from the shelf and opened them, lying them on the shelf with the slightly mouldy pages exposed.

“Safe zone, my ass,” Clarice muttered underneath her breath as she did so, too quietly to carry.

She pulled out the air freshener and gave it a quick test spray. A little spurt of something that smelt of pot pourri soaked in dishwashing soap. Clarice smiled slightly, shaking the can again and removing the lighter from her pocket. She glanced over in the direction of Kizi, Bart and Lili.

“I’ll show you ‘safe zone.’”
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