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They didn't seem to notice how Lili was feeling. How she was - or wasn't - thinking. Good, all the better for her. She just needed to go inside. Lili muttered her thanks and walked over into the Library. In a way, it felt like returning home, more than any other place in Spiderland did. The only other area she had spent more time with was the bridge, and there was no way the bridge could be a home for anyone today, given its inclusion in the danger zone.

Lili found her bags behind the door. Her eyes lit up, and she practically dove into her own bag. She pulled out a loaf of bread and a bottle of water, tearing a decently sized chunk out of the loaf. It was an odd time to find a sudden appreciation for bread, but the sheer amount of texture the air pockets on the inside of the piece had was enough to savor for a long time. A few sips of water washed the bread down her dry throat, scratchy with a day's worth of wandering.

Nothing was missing from her own bag or the one Darius had, and it looked like very little was missing from Natalie's either; just a few food items. She must've made it out, then. Lili breathed a sigh of relief, happy that nobody had died at the hands of their mysterious hunter (the fact that Darius had died later notwithstanding). There was too much stuff to consolidate into her one bag, but she managed to split the contents of Natalie's between the two remaining. The empty shell was tossed aside, its number facing toward the ceiling.

She turned back to the welcoming party and gave them a tight lipped but sincere smile, stuffing her face with another piece of bread.

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