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Lily had no response. Not even one to hold back. She just returned to silence.

Isabel was wrong. She had to be. Lily might not be proud of the things she’d done—or hadn’t done—but she wasn’t like Isabel. She wasn’t a psychopath. Lily could hold the moral high ground for as long as she wanted.

They spent some time sitting there. Then Isabel decided they were leaving.

They had to pass Astrid’s corpse on the way. Lily looked at the body for longer than she needed to. The smell was still awful, but the sight of these bodies was starting not to matter. There were just too many of them, and it was becoming increasingly hard to feel anything but the disgust one felt when scraping something unpleasant off the sole of their shoe.

Shouldn’t she feel other things?

No. She was fine. Anyone would stop feeling shock after so many bodies.

((Lily Caldwell continued in The Virgin Sea.))
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