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With his attention away from him, Will gave Michael the hardest kick he could. And not long after it connected, Will immediatly set about beating the shit out of him, a flurry of kicks and punches that set about rearranging his face when he felt a shock to his throat that forced him down, gasping and coughing for air.. He heard the little bastard started yelling again when Alex made his move.

Sometime during their struggle he'd gotten his hands on a axe when it was brought down on Michael's face, well deserved Will thought as Michael screamed from the pain. Should have thought better than to take someone on with a knife as he went down. It was then Will saw it.

He was too distracted by the screaming lunatic to notice him, excellent opportunity. He forced himself on his feet , rubbing his throat all the while, he wasn't going to miss the opportunity to let him know who did him in. He finally caught his attention when he noticed the gun was again pointed at him, and for a brief moment. Will thought he saw a hint of fear in his eyes.

Just as it should be, it felt like the first day all over again, as he looked him in the eyes. He kept his promises.

"Looks like you're lucks out Alex, say hi to Darius for me."





Click click click clickclickclickclickclick

All air felt like it was sucked out of the room, dead silence other than drips of water and the rapid sounds of Will trying to fire his gun as both of them stood there staring at each other. Will started slapping the gun as they realised what had happened. The damn thing's gotten fucking jammed by the water, shit! Will realised this meant he'd lost his weapon for now against him. So he did the smartest thing he could at the moment.

He ran.

Sprinting away to the door, he noticed Michael crawling his way there. Fuckface had caused enough problems for him so he decided to leave a parting gift. As he ran, he stopped for a brief moment to give him a hard stomp on the back. "Enjoy dying to him Crowe."

There was a pervasive thought in the back of his head, to stay and beat the fuck dead instead with his hands, that he didn't need the gun to kill him. He forced that thought out as he ran, he had other promises to keep, some he'd broken already by proxy, but Will decided then and there that he wouldn't die just yet.

He hurried his way out, disregarding all the cans and such as he ran as fast as he could, away from the two psycho's.

((Will McKinley continued in Say You're One of Them))
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