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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba listened quietly as Brendan and Fiyori spoke. She eventually stopped fiddling with the contents of her bag to listen. He tried to start with a joke, but soon fell back into self-loathing. Alba bit her lower lip and turned her head slightly down. It really bothered her that Brendan still felt this way. She thought they had gotten past this in the church, but maybe the scars were deeper than she thought.

"Brendan, please don't hate yourself," Alba said, turning back to Brendan. "I don't hate you, and I think plenty of people will be willing to give you a chance."

Alba sighed quietly. She wanted to believe that would be the case. Fiyori was at least nice enough to hear Brendan out. Maybe Fiyori could help Alba get Brendan back in the right mood.

Alba walked over to the couch where she set the rifle down. She picked up the gun and held it facing a wall away from the others.

"I mean, I hate that I couldn't use this thing when I had to. Well, almost had to."

Alba looked over the gun, turning it slightly in her hands.

"Like, how sad is it to be unable to fire a gun to protect someone? I could have let you die back there if we didn't get the chance to run."
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