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"Oho! I guess we're not so different after all, huh?"

Isabel could tell easily that Lily was lying, or at the very least that she wasn't telling the whole truth. If she only wanted to kill her because she viewed her as a threat, then why would she still be holding so much animosity towards her? Certainly once Isabel had demonstrated that she wasn't a threat, Lily wouldn't have felt the need to be cold and distant. There was something else going on with LIly, but Isabel decided against pressing the issue, at least for a while. Still, Isabel could take the opportunity to twist the metaphorical knife a bit. Lily wasn't about to get away with her insults.

"Although if that's the case, I'm not sure how you could possibly take the moral high ground off of that." Isabel wiggled her fingers in front of her own face. "Murder is murder after all, even if you're killing someone who quote, deserves it, unquote."

Isabel suddenly hissed as pain flared up from where the bolt had embedded itself in her arm the day before. The exertion of killing Astrid had presumably torn open a few blood vessels, as her blood was starting to soak through the bandages. Ignoring Lily for the moment, Isabel ripped open her bag and quickly cut away the bandages from around her arm, wrapping it back up more snugly with fresh bandages and taking a few ibuprofen pills for good measure.

Downing a bit of the dry, tasteless food that she had available to her along with some water, Isabel turned her head back to Lily to see that she was silent, and covering her face. Not in the mood to respond, obviously. For once Isabel was alright with that, it let her get the last laugh in knocking Lily down a few pegs.

She leaned her head back against the wall once she was done, staring at the ceiling as light scattered off of the dust particles floating in front of the flashlight.


After some time had passed, Isabel decided that she was done with being bored, even if it was safer to stay where they were.

She grunted as she picked her bag off from the ground and slung it over her shoulder, taking hold of her weapons once again and slipping her knife into her pocket. Turning to Lily, Isabel told her that they were leaving before flicking off Astrid's flashlight and walking out of the locker rooms. She stood, carefully keeping her gaze facing away from Astrid's corpse splayed out on the ground, waiting just outside for Lily to move herself. She didn't want to think about how that corpse could easily be herself in the future.

Once Lily actually came out looking as tired and fed up as ever, they left the gym for somewhere else.

((Isabel Ramirez continued in The Virgin Sea))
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