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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Audrey turned her head. Towards the voice

There was barely any reaction from her. The turn of her head and their matched eye-contact was the only indication that she even heard Alvaro.

One of her legs wobbled. She was halfway through standing up when Alvaro entered the picture. It only took a second to straighten herself, a brief moment of weakness.

She did not respond to Alvaro at first. Her throat felt dry and she coughed into a clenched fist.

Audrey wanted to be mad. She wanted to scream at Alvaro, chuck something at his head. That's what she said she would do if she ever saw Alvaro Vacanti again.

She wasn't mad though. She didn't have it in her. Alvaro picked the best moment to wander back into Audrey's life; when she was at her weakest. She was just too tired to stay mad at him, too tired to react accordingly. In hindsight, that scared the shit out of her. What if he pulled a gun out on her and shot her dead? Somehow she doubted that would ever happen. Jasper only died because Alvaro was jumpy. She knew that, and she had a feeling Alvaro knew that as well. It was an accident. That didn't clean Alvaro's hands, but it was an accident. And if he had killed anyone else after Jasper... Well. Audrey slept through the announcements. Ignorance is bliss. She guessed.

Audrey wiped the growing tears in his eyes away. Wait, was she sneering?

"Yeah, Alvaro. Hi."

Okay. Maybe she was still a bit pissed. Still bitter. Audrey wasn't perfect for christsake.

Alvaro needed Audrey to do something for him. She grunted,

"I - " Audrey sniffled. The muscles in her lips ached. "I don't think you're in any position to be asking for favors, Alvaro."
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