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Can you hear me?
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“Hey wait-“

Too late, Amanda was leaving too. And it didn’t look like Lucilly was coming back. The mess got worse. As if everything couldn’t get worse.

Emma stood up. And did what intuition told her. It was also what Jaime echoed.

She quickly slid her boots back on. Grabbed her bag. Ran out the door.

“Hey, wait!”

Emma ran out the door, but Amanda broke into a sprint. And, more importantly, she was faster. Emma wasn’t that athletic, but Amanda, a soccer player? Was. This was quickly proven when, after a few feet of running, Emma’s legs numbed. A foot later, and she fell onto the wet dirt.

Shaking, she lifted herself by her arms. Emma spat out some dirt from her mouth. Her glasses were falling down her nose, and her legs wouldn’t budge.

Amanda has just… she’d just left them. Lucilly, too. Kaitlyn had killed someone, Nancy and Isabel were still out there, her other family and friends were still fighting, still dying, and they hadn’t resolved a thing. They were still stuck here, and everyone around them was still dying. And Emma had been so stupid. She’d let Amanda take the lead. But was that even a good idea?

Everything was falling apart around her, and she hated it.

She hated it.

Emma made a sobbing noise. But, no more came from her mouth. Her legs slowly unnumbed. She slowly, but steadily, surely, lifted herself off the ground.

Then, she took a few hesitant steps.

Those steps became a jog.

((Emma Luz continued in ... Lose a Hand))

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