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[Lizzie Luz concluding from Drip]

This was a bad idea.

She knew it. Of course she knew it. Tyler had pointed out as much, in his own oblique way. But now Tyler was a mess of a man barely keeping himself in order, and terse Keith was terser still, and there was no sign of Nancy Kyle or anyone else, just these fellow madmen on their strange mad quest and...

And Lizzie had to pee.

She'd excused herself with a minimum of fuss, heading out past the stairwell, out past the creepy-ass murder bathrooms. She squatted down outside--hardly the first time she'd had to do so, in the middle of a long hike. She looked away at that big big ocean, that impossible infinity of water where there were other stories and other people somewhere far far away, and...

And she had seen them moving along the coast. Two women. One she vaguely recognized. One she definitely recognized. Lily.

She followed without thinking, with just the slightest twinge of doubt and regret. But that was her cousin, and they'd already lost so many people, Tina and Sabrina and Lettie, and it was Tyler she was thinking of, Tyler and Harold reaffirming their friendship in the murderous dark, Tyler grieving for the love he'd lost, and Lizzie hadn't ever really been in love with anyone, nothing besides a few fun nights of fleeting impulse, but that was her cousin and she didn't want to lose anyone else and

And they were on the beach before she recognized the woman Lily was with. Connected face to name. Connected name to Announcement.

It wasn't fear that filled her then. It was rage, and something like curiosity. With the surf rolling in and the sea breeze against her and Isabel Ramirez in front of her, Isabel Ramirez who'd killed Tina. too, Isabel Ramirez standing next to Lily and the two of them looking at ease, almost friendly.

"How could you!" she shouted, because in that moment there was more anger than fear.
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