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Back and forth. Back and Forth.

He zapped the shit out of Alex.


He then zapped the shit out of Will.


He turned back to Alex, bringing his shock knife down on Alex's sword. The sword glowed. So did Alex. The room flashed it's black and white strobe. The sword, the shock knife, Alex, Michael's glasses... Each flashed black and white, black and white. Alex dropped like a sack of twitching bricks that were also probably shitting bricks.

Michael turned back to Will who wassprintingtowardshimwhatthe-

A boot went right into Michael's cock of justice. And no, it wasn't the shock knife he was talking about this time either. Michael felt the kick rise him off the ground. His feet were physically in the air. This motherfucker kicked him in the dick so hard he sent him into the fucking sky. No fucking way. Mike tazes the shit out of him, and he can do that.

Not long after that, a flurry of kicks and punches were his way, he didn't even know where the fuck he was for the moment. Will had the advantage. Will was worldstar'ing his ass.

Michael just barely got out by jabbing Will in the throat with the shock knife. Too bad it wasn't powerful enough to blow his collar, lucky bastard! He watched Will stumble back, coughing up a lung.

Michael slowly got back up from his hunched over state, right hand gripping his gripples. He couldn't let that shit slow him down. Not yet. A kick in the dick is a kick in the dick. He could take more.

Michael shook his head and straightened himself. He forced some more hype into himself.


Michael slapped himself in the face to taunt him.


Then it hit him.

The axe first. Then reality. But they both hit pretty hard.

Michael only turned just in time to see Alex cackling and howling, waving his axe around like Christian Bale. That was HIS axe! Michael brought his arms up to shield him out of reflex. He didn't think to dodge, to duck, to juke.

He gasped, then felt metal on mouth. He was lifted off the floor again, feeling like a hooked fish. He felt wood smack against his left arm, his right feeling for air. The roof was the floor, and the floor the roof. His head smashed into water, legs above him. He rolled to his front, getting to his knees.

His shock knife still glowing landed right by him, sending jolts of electricity through his body. That wasn't the most painful thing that happened to him though.

Michael screamed, and as he did so, it felt as though the right side of his face would split open. He screamed louder. The pain got stronger. The shock ended as soon as it started, and Michael covered his mouth with his elbow, still shrieking. He looked at his arm, and what he saw instantly horrified him.

Blood, lots of it.

His adrenaline left his body as quick as the blood left his face. His left hand reached for the shock knife and gripped it. His right was still held over his face as he hissed in pain. He heard a slight whistle, and felt air blowing out the right side of his face as he did so. His tongue moved inside his mouth, feeling losened teeth. Some of the ones in the back wiggled, then fell out. They rolled out the side of his mouth and down his arm- wait what?!

He tried to lick his teeth, and ended up tasting his jacket instead. His tongue felt air in between. He felt pain on top and below it. He moved his tongue side to side. Felt his jacket, felt his arm, tasted his blood. He felt his lips, then couldn't press it any farther. Alex just sliced his fuckin' cheek open! He just got halfway Kakihara'd! If he didn't block, Alex would've turned him into a fucking pez dispenser!

Oh shit, oh shit oh fuck, shit this hurts, Jesus fuck!

This wasn't a game anymore. This wasn't a movie, he could die here. There was no asking 'What would Arnie do.' He wasn't Arnie. Arnie didn't lose. Michael could. In fact, he was. His 'invincibility' bullshit was gone. That power trip he had was gone. Whatever the hell burst of adrenaline he had just seconds ago; gone. He tried to get up, his feet shaking under him, muscles twitching. He started crawling, the arm holding his shock knife dragging him forward, the other cradling his fucked up face. He was emitting some half-laugh half-sob the entire time as he forced himself to keep moving.

He had to run. He had to see Jon again, but he had to avenge Darius and Larkin. He had to-

He had to make a decision.

He looked back and forth towards Will and Alex, then towards the door. The throbbing in his face matched the beat in his ears.

He had to make a decision.

He started crawling towards the door.
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