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He raised his hand towards his hurt shoulder, however, he didn't touch it. His hand was just lingering about an inch or two away from it. He wondered if it would give him more problems for how long he knew that he would have left. He was thinking that he would not survive to the end. He didn't have that much faith that he would because of.... Ty. If he saw him again.... Brendan knew that things would turn into something much more worse.

Alba had moved away so that he and Fiyori could talk to each other. He guessed that it was good that she was doing that. Although, he had honestly wanted her to stay by his side. At least he could see where she was and that she was not in danger. He just hoped that no one would walk in and start to threat them or try to attack them. He didn't want to deal with someone like that right now.

"I took an arrow to the shoulder." He joked badly.

He was trying to lighten up the mood for Fiyori. He wanted to make the atmosphere more positive and light-hearted. He just honestly want to hear Fiyori laugh. It would feel like a normal day like they were back at school. If though they weren't....

"Joking asides, Jae did this to me. I was trying to telling him how sorry I was about Asha. But.... he didn't respond that well to me." He said in a quiet voice and then he thought of Bernadette and Jerry. ".....I killed.... I.... I did some things that I shouldn't have. I made mistakes, some really bad ones at that. I can't take back what I did to Jerry and.... and.... B-Bernadette."

He paused to take a shaky breath.

"I hate what I've become, Fiyori...."
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