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"Cleaning up isn't the term I'd use."

Jordan pushed the other body gingerly, trying his best not to be disrespectful, yet still trying to actually get the work done. The way they were being dragged looked like it hurt and he couldn't help but feel sorry for them.

Jennifer, the photographer, she liked movies too, and he was quite sure he remembered talking to her about the Oscars a few months back. Leslie, she wrote too, but her personality was a little abrasive for him to really care to hang about her. But they were dead, and any concerns of the 'how much do I actually know you' and the 'oh my god, I know you but I've forgotten your name' kind, were replaced by the question of what the socially appropriate way of laying a classmate's corpse to rest was.

Definitely not this.

"I don't think it was really ever in doubt. He's a thief who tried to break out of prison, but there are people in school who'd done way worse, but I don't think of anyone as really bad."

Bad taste, he realised. He'd been thinking of people who went above and beyond to belittle to hurt and embarrass, the arseholes who didn't think twice about anyone but themselves, and not the very real things that were happening right now. Then again, he had been trying very hard not to think about it, and it seemed to work.

Maybe if he kept talking Hazel wouldn't realise the blunder.

"Y-yeah, but I think people can change. Like, your experiences build upon each other, right?" He placed one hand over another to illustrate his point.

"Kinda like a tower. But you don't have to build straight up, you can kinda build diagonally sideways? So as you get older, your experiences and choices can move you further away from the person you were before, but you're still not that different from you were yesterday, or the day before, and maybe it's only when you look down at the foundation that you realise that it's someone completely different down there looking up at you."

He stopped there, not quite pleased with the metaphor. It's supposed to be harder to change when you have more experiences, but buildings were able to bend more at the top because they were supporting less weight there. Something about feedback, but the thoughts came as a tangle, and he gave up on going any further with it.

"Okay, there was supposed to be more but my analogy has completely gotten away from me."
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