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The fight was over.

Had to be over. Will's advantage had been that gun, but here, sword in hand and whatever the fuck that shocking thing was that Crowe had? No question, no contest. They'd tear Will apart

(because he wanted to avenge the woman he'd love yes what a piece of work you are Alex Tarquin)

He moved forwards to end this fight, and

Crow fucking turned on him and started stabbing with that god damn lightning knife

No no no what the actual fuck Crowe are you insane? Do you believe your bullshit about heroes and villains, righteous and wrong? Crowe, you idiot, the man with the gun is in front of you, you can end this, but everytime Alex tried to get closer or started to say something that stabbing knife was lashing out again and Alex had to duck and weave because just the aftershocks of that thing had hurt him and he had no intention of getting the full brunt he had no-

The knife made contact with his sword. Electricity singed along the metal, into his palms, down into the water at his feet. Little jolts of steam rose up through the air as Alex flung himself backwards, dancing atop lighting that made his body sing with pain.

He hit the ground, hard. His head was spinning, his body shaking. What the fuck was that weapon?

Focus, Tarquin! You're still alive!

Still alive, yes. Still fighting. How's your image look? How's the villain who will be the Fittest, come hell or high water?

In the heat of that electric pain, in the thrill of adrenaline, he felt a peculiar clarity. His thoughts had realigned. Who was he supposed to be?

He rose in the dark, saw Crowe and Will entangled in a frenzy of stabbing, slashing, kicking, crackling. His body was shaking, and he allowed a grin to unfurl on his face. He looked around the room, and found Crowe's axe just in front of him.

He lunged forwards, scooping up the axe, charging forwards, fever-bright with fearless fury, and raised his body in a projecting, booming laugh, conveying this strange manic sensation, this violent clarity, because for the first time on this damn island there was no pretense because for the first time there were two men in front of him and both had tried to hurt him and to ruin him and it was enough, enough.

He was a villain fighting heroes. Act like it.
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